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the MARCH journal is available now ! 

brain dump. journals are monthly journals that will keep you motivated, structured and positive. Each journal includes a daily planner with to-do lists, habit tracker, meal prep and uplifting quotes. There are sections for you to fill in positive affirmations, what you are grateful for, goal setting and reflection among plenty of other exciting self growth exercises. 

The theme for MARCH is 'unlearn'

We’ve spent most of our lives learning skills, behaviours, knowledge and beliefs to protect ourselves, to be accepted and to make it in this world. The irony is that one of the greatest lessons is the value of unlearning. Stripping down all the layers you have kept adding on after many years of conditioning will give you clarity and alignment with the real truth and the infinite knowledge of the universe. You will discover that just because you have believed something for a long time doesn’t make it the truth, but it has been real to you and therefore shaped your life.

This month we will dig deep; figure out what beliefs you have been conditioned to, what habits you have built up based on these beliefs and how this means that you are living in your past, instead of living for your future. From there we will break down your beliefs that are not resourceful to you and replace them with resourceful beliefs by implementing healthy habits into your life.

Let the unlearning begin!

Save money and subscribe for 4 or 8 months! You'll get sent a journal every month with an unique theme, new content and lots of blank spaces for you to fill in.